Webstrokes aims to provide optimum business solutions by undertaking GIS consultancy with any client before providing comprehensive solutions. We conduct in-depth assessment of client needs to define their requirements categorically and hence provide effective solutions.

Webstrokes GIS Consultants has been established for 2 years as a strategic management consultancy specializing in the GIS / Spatial Information Management Industry. We are based in India and can provide specialized consultants to all over locations of the world.

Webstrokes services provide :

  • A strategy and architecture with the end business result in mind
  • A focus on leveraging current investments in technology
  • Time to focus on the business requirements in lieu of the technology
  • Quick results that can be scaled over time
  • A means for clients to be self-sufficient in the administration and ongoing development of their solution

Enterprise projects are not easy and require the right combination of skills to be successful and deliver real value. webstrokes has the team that provides expertise in GIS technologies, enterprise integration, business intelligence, business applications and most importantly work processes so that benefits can be realized and organizational performance goals attained.

Our approach, as identified in the Management View is intended to complement the technical strengths of your organization. If you need the technical expertise to architect the solution, Webstrokes can help with some of the best experts in the business. If you are looking for an implementation team to work with you on-site, Webstrokes can provide experienced personnel. If you are looking for achieving a significant cost advantage, Webstrokes can provide global sourcing options. If you need a turn-key solution, Webstrokes is ready to engage.