Marketing Process Outsourcing

WEBSTROKES have worked closely in assisting several SME businesses with their strategic marketing objectives. Our specialized solution suite for SMEs covers a 7-step marketing process that starts with marketing objective and creating a differentiated positioning and value proposition for the business and leads on to a structured demand generation and market expansion program. Our unique fixed + success based engagement model keeps costs low while helping SMEs leverage top tier marketing expertise for business growth.

We as a MPO have very scientific approach towards all the projects we undertake.

Certain predefined methodologies we follow are as mentioned below :

Step – 1 : Understanding of the sales or marketing objectives from the client.

Step – 2 : Re proposing the objective to the client after a brief study and market intelligence Research.

Step – 3 : Drawing strategies to meet the set objectives.

Step – 4 : Breaking the strategies into several events and activities.

Step – 5 : Defining the methodology and modalities to execute the activities.

Step – 6 : Establishing customized reporting system or remote monitoring system for the client to have clear up date on the activities.

Step – 7 : Presenting the client with ROI and Activity analysis at the end of each project as well understand the clients the then objectives. (Business Model)

Webstrokes Marketing Strategy & Process development helps companies address critical customer management issues including...

  • Customer selection/segmentation
  • Customer retention and agitate management
  • Product pricing and bundling
  • Partner and channel management

webstrokes provided strategic recommendations are always practical and implementable. We examine the specific business processes that support our clients' end-to-end customer experience. We examine and understand the interdependence among the consumer, the company, and the extended value chain. We then optimise results by applying best practices from across our solution portfolio and customer segments to create an integrated solution.