Legal Process Outsourcing

Webstrokes provides Legal Support Services to its global clientele (Law Firms, IP firms, Corporate Department and Publishers in the Legal Segment besides Individual Attorneys).

Why Us

Webstrokes Legal Services department offers a comprehensive approach to the complex and dynamic needs of the legal profession. Recognizing the growing client demands on service providers and the mounting pressure to reduce costs, Webstrokes Legal Services provides law firms and corporate legal departments with end-to-end or 'per project' legal services. Our Highly educated and trained advisers have an impeccable record for quality in diverse areas of legal expertise. By leveraging experienced legal teams and an innovative work process, Webstrokes builds customized solutions for nontraditional LPO services that ensure high standards and optimal result.


Legal process outsourcing is a new dimension in the legal field. It has been widely accepted all over the world and the worldwide acceptance has contributed to its growth. Legal Process Outsourcing is a cost effective option as compared to the regular law firms. Legal costs associated to any transaction are very high. These costs were burdensome to entities which were already facing a financial crunch. To ease their burden they looked for better options and Legal Process Outsourcing was one such option. Legal Process Outsourcing firms offers a wide range of services at a very reasonable cost and there is no compromise on quality or expertise. This makes LPO a lucrative option as compared to its counterparts. Many entities opted to outsource their legal works to LPO’s and reaped benefits due to the same. Legal outsourcing is the new dimension in the legal field and now the preferred mode by many around the world today.

Legal Process outsourcing business attracted a high number of IT companies as the growth of Information technology spreads its roots to various prospective. The process of globalization and its impact made the world as a global village and work nature emerged in recent times crossed all international borders. Legal process outsourcing further modified as the business molded form of legal services of new era and as a great trend of utilizing skills of legal professionals. Legal process outsourcing is currently the new generation online legal service provision method for corporate and business entities. Many companies of India and some Asian & European countries adopted the practice of using Legal Process outsourcing firms and succeeded in reducing their legal cost.

Legal process outsourcing business can grow in a rapid manner by providing efficient legal services for lowest cost.